Kenya Govt Starts Mass Buying of Electric Buses for BRT Project

 The Nairobi Metropolitan Area Transport Authority (NaMATA) has began the process of procuring electric and fuel buses for the Nairobi Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) system.

NaMATA requested offers from competent motor vehicle manufacturers to supply the large capacity buses through an advertising in local publications.
The buses are slated for the BRT system, which has been in the works for more than two years, according to the notification.
Electric, hybrid, and biodiesel buses have been sought, with the city favouring green energy and climate conservation. NeMATA also stated that it intends to buy the cars or lease them for a minimum of three years.
"NaMATA (Nairobi Metropolitan Area Transport Authority) seeks sealed proposals from original bus manufacturers, motor vehicle dealers, leasing businesses, financial institutions, and interested enterprises for the provision of buses and transportation services for the BRT Project through leasing."
"The buses will be examined in three alternatives depending on propulsion technology, including electric, hybrid, and biodiesel, and other options will be for sale or a suggested lease duration of three, seven, and twelve years," according to the announcement.
This comes despite the ongoing deferral of the BRT project, which was originally planned to be completed in December 2021.
The agency initially chose five roads outside the city to host the BRT system, including Haille Selassie Avenue, Uhuru Highway, and Thika Road, as well as city outward routes Ronga, Donholm, and Kitengela.
According to sources, high capacity buses worth Ksh1.6 billion were expected to be supplied from South Africa in January 2019.
At the time, the state alleged that local fabricators had failed to fulfil the government's specifications for the current transportation project. The buses, on the other hand, are yet to arrive in the nation.
An previous plan had also suggested that in the first phase of the project, which has yet to begin, 12 buses will be distributed across the city.
Nonetheless, the country has made gains in green transportation after the continent's first electric bus was launched in Kenya and is slated to begin operations later this year.
The bus was the first all-electric PSV designed on the African continent by the Swedish-Kenyan business Opibus.

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