Green Tech Ethiopia enters the Ethiopian electric vehicle market

Green Tech Ethiopia, a private firm in Ethiopia, today presented six kinds of imported rechargeable electric automobiles to the Ethiopian market, with a short-term objective of importing 5,000 vehicles.

"Our firm was founded with the goal of promoting renewable energy in our society by delivering innovative renewable energy technology and services, including many types of inexpensive electric and solar automobiles," Fitsum Deresa, Managing Director of Green Tech Ethiopia, explained.
The automobiles were imported from Chinese car maker Dongfeng Motor Corporation, and the business hopes to open a car assembly plant in the near future.
"So far, 70 of the six distinct electric car types have landed in Addis Abeba, while a further 200 automobiles have arrived at Djibouti port," Fitsum stated. The firm also intends to import 5000 electric automobiles over the next five years and to enter the transportation market through its "green transport initiative service."
Similarly, in order to assist middle and low-income populations and foster entrepreneurship in the country, the firm has made a 40/60 electric car selling package available to its prospective clients.
"The financing programme will assist all of our potential clients in obtaining autos, allowing them to develop revenue streams for themselves and their family," the green firm added. Green Tech is collaborating with Africa Village microfinance and other institutions to achieve this goal.
Customers will contribute 60% of the cost, according to the managing director, while Green Tech will cover the other 40%. Customers can pay 30 percent of their 60 percent ownership, which is just 18 percent of the overall purchase price, and the remaining 70 percent payment will be down paid according to the agreement's guidelines.
Of course, the cost of the energy used to power the cars is a major consideration in purchasing one of these automobiles. Solar-powered electric vehicles, for example, can drive 60-120 kilometres. The 4 seater autos have a 26kWh capacity and can be driven for a distance of 200km on a full charge for just 9.10 birr, while the minibus can be driven for a distance of 360km on a full charge for only 28 birr.
With the price of petrol being offered at 31 birr per litre, this is well worth any prospective buyer's attention. Similarly, the automobiles have a low maintenance cost, which is particularly helpful to their future owners.
Green Tech benefits from the fact that the green movement is desperately required in Ethiopia. In reality, the government has a resilient vision that supports the use of electric cars in order to minimise pollution produced by transportation services by offering renewable energy transportation services.
Green Tech Ethiopia is currently the country's second formal entry into the electric vehicle industry, following Marathon Motors.

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