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Delek Lubricants

Product Details:  Automotive Lubricants, Industrial Lubricants, Additives and Intermediates,Lithium Soaps and lithium complex Soap Greases, Lubricants for agricultural equipments, Tailor made solutions- technical consulting services
Telephone:  +972 89270801

Description:  Adeco doo is a company engaged in production of engine and industrial oils and special fluids for motor vehicles, machinery and industry, established on December 26, 1991 in Novi Sad. Throughout its existence, Adeco’s production has focused on the market and the customers. We have followed market requirements and tried to satisfy our customer’s every new need. In these efforts, we have enjoyed the support of our suppliers, the world famous brands such as BASF, Clariant, Lubrizol, Afton Ethyl, Infineum, and many others. Besides high quality raw materials, they have been providing us with recipes for the latest generation of products. Adeco has progressed year after year. Shortly after its foundation, the company started producing special fluids for motor vehicles and lubricating oils, which was followed by the development of the “white” oils product line for the textile and leather industries. Cooperation was established with the well-known world producers such as PRISTA OIL and TEXACO, and in 2003 Adeco started its own oil blending. Until now, Adeco has continued to expand its product range, increase the number of employees and improve technology and overall business performance through implementation of a certified quality and environment management systems in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015 standards. From 2017, Adeco is the holder of the certificate of creditworthiness rating by Bisnode. This certificate ranks Adeco in the highest credit rating grade in Serbia, which means that Adeco belongs to the very top among Serbian companies that are authorized to use the status of AAA as a symbol of credit rating excellence. Today, Adeco employs about 60 people and has a few external associates. In addition to its own laboratory, regular contacts with other laboratories, research institutes and universities throughout the country and abroad contribute to a continuous keeping pace with new trends and modern technologies in the production of oil products. Today, exports comprise about 40% of our total production. Adeco places its products on over 15 foreign markets. In addition to a wide product range (over 200 different products), Adeco offers its customers a complete service and technical support during implementation, as well as logistic support in the delivery process services. Our long-time suppliers are world leaders in the manufacturing of oil and petrochemical products, so all Adeco’s products are manufactured with the latest technology from the highest quality domestic and imported raw materials.
Product Details:  Production of engine and industrial oils and special fluids
Telephone:  +381 (0)62 415 910
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 Africa Fuels & Lubricants LTD (AFAL) has signed a distribution agreement with Chevron Lubricants, owner and producer of Chevron, Texaco and Caltex-branded lubricants and one of the global leaders in fuel and fuel additive technology. The agreement gives AFAL authorized distributor status for lubricants under the Caltex brand. 

Product Details:  Delo and Havoline brands,industrial lubricants
Telephone:  254203741127

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