Volkswagen sets off-road challenge as spirit of amarok gets underway

 Today sees the start of a five-day international competition in South Africa, with 21 teams from seven countries – the UK, South Africa, Australia, Germany, Russia, Namibia and Botswana  Read More..

German firm appoints agent for West Africa

IKA Germany (IKA Industrie- und Kraftfahrzeugausrüstung GmbH), a leading global player in the automotive spare parts, has appointed the Pan-Africa automotive media agency, Auto Report Africa, as  Read More..

Renault names new boss for India, Africa and Middle East

  Renault named Fabrice Cambolive as head of the automaker's operations in Africa, the Middle East and India, replacing Bernard Cambier, who has held the post since 2014.   Cambolive, who  Read More..

Moroccan Car Industry Moves Up Gear, Cruising In Full Speed

 Moroccan automotive industry is gaining momentum and growing at a rapid pace due to incentives and competitive factors attracting more and more investors and makers of car parts.   These  Read More..

Connected Cars: From here to autonomy

 South African consumers’ great love affair with the automobile is set to grow ever more passionate, as an array of new technologies starts rapidly entering our cars – reshaping the  Read More..

Williams Hunt group to take over Opel distributorship in South Africa

 The German Opel brand will be distributed in South Africa by the Williams Hunt group, as from January 1, 2018.   US carmaker General Motors (GM) earlier this year sold the Opel brand to  Read More..

Ford on the road to developing cars with a personal touch

 Car experts predict that in future cars may know how we feel — sometimes without us having to say a word. Nearly 90 percent of all new cars are expected to offer voice recognition  Read More..

Africa promises plenty as global car hub

 Africa has tremendous growth potential for automakers in the mid to long-term. And even though this is little to write home about at present, South Africa is already playing an important role  Read More..

Automotive Aftermarket Set to be Biggest Emerging Market by 2021

 Persistence Market Research, a market intelligence company recently published a report saying that the automotive aftermarket is set to be the biggest emerging market by 2021. The automotive  Read More..

SA top 10 vehicle exports

Although SA’s motor industry does face its fair share of challenges, its manufacturing sector remains for the most part robust and export numbers are better than they’ve ever  Read More..

Exhibitions In Africa

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